South Shore
Republican Club
On a fateful night back on September 25, 1991 the Islip, East
Islip/Great River, Islip Terrace/North Great River, and Central Islip
Republican Clubs were merged together to form the South Shore Club
has endured the good times and the bad times.  The Club has
produced many aspiring candidates and elected officials from former
Suffolk County Legislator Cameron Alden to current Islip Town
Councilman Steve Flotteron and Legislator Tom Cilmi, a former
President of this club.  

So far there have been 8 Presidents in the 19 year history of the Club.

The Club saw high attendance in the early years, with attendance
reaching over 100 members.  The Club's attendance started to fall in
the latter part of 1990's and early part of this century with attendance
falling off to 40-50 members attending the regularly scheduled General
Meetings.  By the time 2004 hit, attendance in the Club was anemic at
best, with the Club not even holding a General Meeting for months
during 2004.  

2005 brought in a new President, and the General Meetings were
reconvened.  With attendance at the Club's General Meetings staying
at about 10-20 members over the next few years.  It wasn't until the
end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, a new dawn was about

2008 brought on a new sense of purpose for the Club, as new
members began showing up and a hunger to move the Club in a new
direction was in the air.  New by-laws were written, new fund raisers
were thought of, and a sense of leadership was effervescing from Club

The South Shore Club was instrumental in the election cycle of 2009.  
With several volunteering their time on some of the hottest contested
races on Long Island and possibly New York.  Our members were
there for all of it.  From voter registration drives to walking door to door
with candidates, the South Shore Republican Club members gave all
they had.   

Looking to the future the South Shore Republican sees vast
opportunity to spread the Republican message.  We can't wait to meet